July 3, 2012

GrUVy Wear Review

July 4th is tomorrow!  Can't wait to have a day off and EAT!

Peyton received this cute active swimwear from GrUVy Wear!  As hot as it has been in Atlanta we need it!

GrUVy Wear specializes in protective swim wear that offers a UPF of 50+, blocking over 98% of the sun's harmful rays.

No matter the color of your skin you need to be protected from harmful rays!  UV rays can cause sunburn, aging and of course cancer!  Kids have to be protected from the UV rays at birth!  Most damage is done before kids reach 18 years old!  I think GrUVy Wear is a great product for kids to wear especially if they are outside for an extended period of time.  This a great option for the water park, boating, and jet skiing.

Ready to go mom!
Peyton in her hang ten pose!

Here are some other Sun Safety Tips:

  • The sun is at it's strongest between 10am - 4pm.  Try to seek shade during these times
  • Wear protective clothing!  GrUVy Wear has got you covered!
  • Apply sunscreen 15 to 30 minutes before heading outside.
  • Wear shades to protect your eyes.  Another reason to wear fabulous shades!
  • If your child gets sun burned apply pure Aloe Vera gel and you can use ibuprofen or acetaminophen to relieve pain  

GrUVy Wear has protective clothing for babies, kids and adults!  You can even mix and match tops and bottoms to match for team sports or add bling details!  

GrUVy Wear is offering 15% off to Baby Shopaholic readers until July 15!  Use code SAVE1549 at checkout

What do you do to protect yourself from UV rays?

I received a complimentary outfit from GrUVyWear in exchange for this post.  All opinions expressed are my own


  1. Haha, adorable! Madison wears Coppertone Water Babies Sunscreeen daily in the summer and I try to get her to wear hats but she prefers not to.

    For me sunscreen moisturizer daily and I have to wear a hat at the pool or beach!

  2. Who taught this kid to pose... I mean really... she is something else! LOL

  3. She looks so cute with that hang ten pose.

  4. OMG she looks soooooo cute!

  5. Thanks for posting this! RIGHT ON TIME! I was looking for infant sized uv clothes for Rohan since we're taking him to FL for a month and will live in the backyard by the pool. PERFECT! And I save 15%! Wahoo!

    And...yes...Peyton looks adorable as always. Her hang ten pose is PRICELESS! :)

  6. That last POST is PRICELESS!!!!

  7. Awesome tips and facts! Peyton should be their model!

  8. Super cute swimwear! And you already know I think Peyton should be modeling. Adorable!

  9. oh my god your little model it´s adorable!


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