July 2, 2012

Weekend Style: HOT!

Happy July!!!  Hope you guys had a great weekend!  It has literally been HOTLANTA this weekend!  It was hotter than Satan's Breath! LOL! Got  that from Andrea from Hollywood Exes. She is hilarious!  But for real, it was a record breaking 106 all weekend!

On Sunday we managed to make it to church on Sunday.  But this little sweetie pie of mine needed a nap because she was hitting people around us with the fans they pass out, running, and yelling "COOOKIEE!"  At least she looked cute in the process.

 She is wearing a dress that was given to her by my MIL.  I think it had a Sears tag.  Headband from Icing and shoes were gifted.

 These are her favorite shades!

  WERK Peyton!

Floral dresses are a must for the spring and summer!  Great for weddings and showers.  Are you rocking the floral?

On another note, Peyton will be 2 on Saturday!!!  I am in disbelief.  Hard to think about the 4th of July since I am party planning!


  1. P is working the flower shades. Love her little dress and shoes. She needs to teach modeling for toddlers. Just too cute.

  2. Peyton is doing the MOST!! Love her!

  3. She is working those shades. We stayed in except for church on Sunday. That triple digit heat is no joke!

  4. Oh P..getting buck in church!!

  5. Awww, happy early birthday P, she looks too cute.

    Mrs. Delightful

  6. So cute! You have a lot to look forward to at age 2! :-)

  7. P always makes me smile, cute!

  8. Little Miss Diva, she is too cute!!!

    Carsedra of:




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