February 10, 2012

Blue Ivy Carter Pictures Released

I may be a day late but the photo's of Beyonce and Jay Z baby Blue Ivy Carter have been released.  She is a doll just like we knew she would be!

Baby looks like she is doing the Put a Ring on It hand.
She is a doll baby!  She looks like Beyonce but you can tell that is Jay's baby!  Congrats again to them both.

Oh, did you see the new mother just one month after giving birth! 

Did we expect anything less!  Looks like she is ready to pump! LOL!


  1. Girrrrl... she is ADORABLE!!!! They look sooo happy & I'm happy for them!!!! *CONGRATS*

    Also, I posted the pic of her on my Facebook page!!!! :))

    Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  2. Sheis the cutest little thing. Bey's face is so genuine. Just goes to show she is normal just like the rest of us...other than the fact that she has millions of dollars!!

  3. Baby Blue Ivy is so cute. She looks just like Jay Z to me but has Mama Tina's eyebrows.

    Beyonce is just beautiful.

  4. YEAH - Beyonce is kinda holding lot of milk lol

  5. lmao at getting ready to pump omg Im dying hahhahah ...I rem when I looked like that hahha


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