February 23, 2012

Do The....Potty Dance!

Peyton and I hosted a Huggies Pull-Up Potty Dance Party this past Saturday.   Peyton is a year and a half so it's time to start thinking about going to the potty!  My baby is growing up too fast but she needs to get started.  I figured what better way then to have a Potty Dance Party!  The party was with House Party and sponsored by Pull-Ups and Target.

For the party, Peyton wore a Gap butterfly top, with Joe's jeans, and red mary janes from Target.
Peyton and her friend.
The kids colored pictures showing kids going to the potty and washing hands.
Moms trying on the Pull-Ups.
The kids waiting to get the Potty Dance started.

One little boy was ready to go to the potty right in the family room.

Mister trying to show his skills on the base.  Peyton is gripping little Addison. 
Peyton with Addison and Dillon.

Devon looks excited to potty!
Mimi from Lipgloss and Binky getting her party on to the Potty Dance!

As you can see, everyone had a good time!  Each kid was given a potty training kit that included, a "Big Kid in Training" bathroom door hanger, stickers, DVD, progress chart, guitar and a ton of coupons!

Here is what us moms learned from Pull-Ups and each other:
  • Look for signs your child is ready.  Like staying dry for long periods of time, wants diapers changed asap, shows interest in using the potty.
  • Once you switch over to Pull Ups you need to stick with it.  Going back to diapers confuses the child.
  • Use potty training books and songs to keep the momentum going.
  • Dress you child in easy clothing
  • Use rewards when they potty
Pull-Ups has a variety different options to help you child to be successful.  They have Pull Ups that change design when wet.  Pull Ups with cool alert and your child can feel when they are wet.  They also offer Pull Up night times so you don't have to stop training at night.

I was originally going to post the video of the kids dancing but my camera was keeping me from being great.  So I leave you with the Potty Dance video that we watch over 50 times on Saturday.

Do you have any potty training tips?  Please share!

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  1. I don't have any potty tips whatsoever...I just wanted to say Peyton is looking sooooo cute as usual!! This def sounds like a fun party!


  2. What a fun party! I hate that we missed it. Thanks for posting tips. We are potty training right now and I gotta say, Huggies Pull-ups are the best and my lil girl is loving the princess pull ups.

  3. OMG!!! She is a DOLLY. And now I see what the potty dance is.

  4. I rocks OWT!! Thanks for inviting us. I love the photo of them hugging. So sweet!

  5. Great recap of the party! Fun times! I wish I was there! (This is becoming a common statement!) The kids look adorbs!

  6. SO CUTE! Love Peyton's red shoes and top! ADORABLE!!

  7. Peyton looks so cute in her Gap top!! Looks like a fun party! Glad my potty training days are over though. ;)

  8. Peyton looks cute as usual! We're about half potty trained over here. My only tip is make it fun!! And be consistent. That's part of my Problem!


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