February 24, 2012

Toms for Baby and Moms

I was not a fan of Toms when they first came out.  But after hearing that for every shoe purchased that a child in need will be given a pair.  Shopping and supporting a cause!  Win Win!  I was thinking of getting Peyton some for the Spring / Summer.

I am getting sucked in to the madness of Toms.  Since I can't wear Ugg boots in the summer I need a something cute and low key besides my Tory ballet flats.

What color do you think I should get for Peyton?  Should I get a pair too?  Maybe we should get matching sparkly ones : ) Do you own a pair Toms?


  1. my vote is a sparkly pair; they would go with EVERYthing!

    Love the blog!

  2. Glad they go to a child in need and would buy these for my little one. They look like they would be so comfy for her.

    Enjoy your weekend, Trina.

  3. Avery has a pair in sparkly pink that she's just outgrowing and a pair in gold that will fit her soon. I have a pair in brown tweed that I love! They look good with everything!

  4. Every time I go to Nordsteoms to pick up some Toms, they never have them in my size. Booo.. I'm getting some for Moo & JJ though. I like their mission.

    I think the sparkly pair are super cute for you and Peyton!

  5. I've considered getting a pair. I wasn't so sure at first because I heard they didn't hold up after a few wears but I got sucked in two weeks ago and got Madison a pair in the sparkly pink.

  6. Arn't they adorable? My husband just saw these shopping the other day and he too fell in love.

    I found coral Leopard ones in mama and baby sizes... you know I'll be sporting these with Sofia this Summer.

    Come on by Little Miss Mama, I promise the Tea is always served HOT and the Cupcakes have a perfect Icing to Cake RATIO.



  7. Yes I like Toms. Nadia has some but they are for when her feet are bigger! I think you both should get some. They have ballerina flats too!

  8. These would be so cute for her. My vote is for the silver sparkles.

  9. Definitely get a pair of Tiny Toms - the sparklier the better! :) Let me know how you like the ones for mom - I'm tempted to try them too.

  10. Totally get the sparkly ones....oh yeah! Rock em out...


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