October 29, 2011

Found: Knee Boots

I have been on a mission to find Peyton some knee boots for the fall.  I am surprised how much boots for babies cost.  Sorry, I can't spend $50 on boots she will wear for a few months, I mean I would but I don't think it's necessary.  I find boots for myself for $40!  Before I left for Blogalicious I went to JC Penny's and found these...

They are faux suede slouch knee boots for $20.  Peyton looks so cute in them with her little bow legs!  I will have a picture of her wearing them soon!

I don't know if you are familiar with the Okiedokie line at JC Penny's but it is so cute!  They are great everyday play clothes.

I found this sweatshirt at Target for $1.50!   Can't beat that!

What did you buy this weekend?  Any good deals?


  1. Wow! What an awesome deal, darling!

    Thank you very much for your lovely comment!
    I'm now following you in GFC and I would love a follow back.

    Any plan on Halloween? Taking your daughter for trick or treat?

  2. Great deals! I love the boots....you may find Reagan rocking the same ones, lol. I shop at JCP sometimes..especially when they have the 10 off 25 dollar deal.

  3. I really LOVE those boots! I need to do so more fall/winter shopping, especially since it's getting colder by the day. Can't wait to see Peyton in her new boots!

  4. Love those boots and agree its crazy when kids boots cost as much as ours! I never shop at JCPenny but maybe I need to start! Cute stuff!

  5. I have my eye on some boots for my girls at the gap, I know they will go on sale so I am just going to patiently wait:)

  6. Target has some really cute boots too for little girls right now.

  7. Target has some great finds indeed!

  8. I was so so close to buying a new iphone. But I didn't :-( I did get a cute shirt for my baby girl from the gap outlet for $7 (can't beat that...but then again you did beat that--I need to go peek at Target's deals!)
    I came across you blog and just wanted to comment...


    p.s. come check out my fun giveaway that ends tomorrow on my COLOR ISSUE blog: colorissue.blogspot.com

  9. wow..you good good deals. Just bought some MAC lipstick this wknd.


  10. THAT'S IT. We need to shop together !!!


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