October 18, 2011

Time For Holiday Cards: Tiny Prints

Christmas will be here before you know it so it's time to start thinking about Holiday cards!  Tiny Prints is normally my first stop when looking for invitations.  Tiny Prints has a great selection of Holiday Cards, Address labels and Invitations!

Here are some of the new cards that I am feeling!
Merry Love
How cute are these!  I am thinking family members could hang the card on the tree!

Love and Cheer
I also like these for a more traditional card.

Since I got my new camera I am excited to take some Holiday photos of Peyton for the Christmas Cards!  Do you send out Holiday cards? Do you like the picture cards or just plain cards box cards?

*Disclosure: I was offered holiday cards in exchange for this post.  Opinions are my own and I have been a longtime customer of Tiny Prints.


  1. I like both, we will be sending out holiday cards this year in the mail.

    ~Mrs. Delightful

  2. I love sending out Holiday Cards & these are supa cute! I'm normally done Christmas Shopping by now as well however, I haven't even started yet! Hopefully, I will get in the groove of things REAL SOON!

  3. I have been such a humongus slacker the last few years...no christmas cards here...but I'm thinking I need to remedy that this year! Tiny prints has the most adorable cards! (c:

  4. Oh I'm obsessed with Tiny Prints. I get my cards from them every year and then get the card mounted or printed on their permanent frames!! I can't wait but need to get our photos taken ASAP and the weather is crap!

  5. Yes! I do Xmas cards every year and I will especially this year with our new bundle of joy!

  6. I already have my cards picked out from Tiny Prints..just need the photo which is always the hard part

  7. Oh girl you know you are going to have the CUTEST Christmas card!



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