October 19, 2011

Pretty Girl Glam New Items!

By now you all know that I love big fabulous earrings!   Pretty Girl Glam is my go to shop for marvelous pieces.  Just in time for my birthday the owner sent me some of her new items!  I felt like the luckiest girl in the world! 

I received these spectacular Butterfly Earrings inspired by the Basketball Wives Miami.  I wore this on my birthday. 
Don't you love these?  These are the Alicia earrings.  I consider these to be pretty simple but FAB!
Whoa!  This bracelet is spectacular!  How fly would this be with a simple sweater or dress.
I also got this Gold Leopard cocktail ring.  Stunning!
As you can see Pretty Girl Glam pieces will definitely stand out in a crowd!  I will be rocking them at Blogalicious this weekend!

The owner Diane of Pretty Girl Glam also makes some awesome videos of her new items.  It's like you girlfriend came over right after she left the mall to show you what she got.

Please make sure you  head over and check out more of her items, most under $20!  She also has free standard shipping on US orders! 

What are your favorite pieces from Pretty Girl Glam?


  1. I really like the bracelet and ring. I'll be checking her out!

  2. Love the alicia earrings! Nice post chicky and thanx for the heads up! xx


  3. Woah! Those are called statement pieces and I think I love em :) Those Alicia earrings are ahmmazing!

  4. Whoa these pieces are insane! i LOVE THEM! xo Lisa

  5. I bought the feather earrings you wore from her. I'm headed over there now to see what else I can find. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I am all about big earrings too, the bigger the better!!

  7. I have never even heard of this shop before. I love big earrings and definitely need to start doing some shopping!


  8. I really like the rings on the site! I might be buying one soon.

  9. Wow, those pieces are hot! I especially love that bracelet, although I cant imagine where in the world Id wear it, lol.

  10. I need that spike bracelet, stat!!!


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