October 28, 2011

True You Cosmetics Review

I meet Jessica the owner of True You Cosmetics at the Autumn Beauty Event a couple of weeks ago.  She is so sweet!  She handed me the Haute 3 Color Multi-use palette and asked if I would do a review. 

Here is the case.  Love the size, about the same size as a credit card.  No problem fitting this in your clutch when you are on the go.
Here are the three colors with a lip brush and sponge tip to apply.  The Haute palette is multi-use but I decided to just try on my lips.  I would normally shy away from the bright colors but I dove right in.
First I tired lined my lips.
I put about two coats of the Hot Pink.  No gloss on top.
I wiped my lips and lined again with a neutral liner for round two.
Here is the bright orange color.  Two coats!  I have big lips as you can see.

I topped this color off with the Bobby Brown clear lip gloss.  POW!  Lips Poppin!

Whew, All these lips!  Don't ya wanna kiss me?  LOL

Loving the colors with a clear lip gloss.  True You Cosmetics went with me to Blogalicious! I wore the bright pink. 

Overall, I love this palette!  It stayed on all night and I love the color.  I did put on a few coats but I have pretty dark lips so I pack it on to make the color even.  I would suggest added a clear lip gloss to make it POP!  I like Bobby Brown clear lip gloss the best.

True You Cosmetics has inspired me to go bold!  She informed me last night that this palette will be back in stock on Monday, but check out her site for other items. So happy she allowed me to do the review!  You will see me wearing bright lips more often!  Would you wear a BOLD or BRIGHT lip?


  1. The packaging is perfect. I've recently experimented with a bold lip and loved it. I would definitely try it again. Let me go over to check out True You Cosmetics.

  2. it looks good girly. i definitely like a bold lip color. this might be something I have to check out.

  3. So that's what you were wearing that night at Blogalicious. I think I remember telling you that I loved the color. If I didn't tell you, I meant to say it.

  4. I am shy when it comes to color...but I would TRY to rock it!!! Looks great on you...lovely lips.

  5. Prettiness. I usually have very very boring bland lips. I need to upgrade

  6. I love that last bright color, with the gloss over it. GORGEOUS!!!


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