June 19, 2011

Swap Meet!

Sorry for the delay on posting what I got at the Swapaholic event.

I was running my mouth so when the doors opened at the event, I ended up in the back of the line!  Once I entered the room I didn't know where to start... what am I supposed to do?  So I went to the spots that were not crowded.

I found these white pants.  Nothing special but it is summer and there are always all White Parties!

This shift dress!  This was my favorite find!  It looks so cute on!

These True Religion jeans with the tag on them!  I think they are mens jeans but who cares I grabbed them.  Mister can't fit them but I am sure I can find someone to give them to.

I don't know why I grabbed this top!  I am a sucker for anything sparkly!  This may get re-swapped!

This cute skirt!  It is actually was brought in by my girlfriend Natasha that went with me to the event.  She actually picked up a few items of mine as well! 

I got one more dress for my niece that she loves!  I thnk she benefited more then I did from the event and she didn't go!

This event was fun and I would go again!  I was hoping some rich ladies would come in and drop off a bag of DVF dresses and old Gucci bags!  That didn't happen.  The rules were, if you girl friends would not wear, it don't bring it.  Some people did anyway! If I was their girlfriend and they offered me some of this stuff we would break up!  So that's the down side to swapping

Will you try swapping?

Oh, and feel free to vote!

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  1. Just voted for you! And the white pants are a total score- always a go-to in the summer!

  2. I am laughing about the re-swapping of the sparkle top! I which I could fit those True Religions! ANyhow, I just posted options for an All White Party on today's post...just iron your white pants and you're in!

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