June 14, 2011

What We Bought!

I forgot to share with you guys on the deals that I found last week.

Lets start at Walmart.
Garanimal Shorts $3.50

I didn't pick out this shirt Peyton did : )  It was $3.

Now from Target.
Peasant Top $2.48

Cardigan for the fall $3.24

The next 3 shirts were $1.15 each!  This was all they had in her size.

Then we went to Old Navy:
Yellow drop waist dress was $8 on sale. Plus I bought a Groupon worth $20 for $10 a week ago.

Floral drop waist dress $8

Plum pleated shorts for $8

July is the biggest sales season!  Stuff is going to get super cheap!  I am going to be broke after Peyton's Birthday : )  If you have twitter follow me!  I am getting better at twitting sales as soon as I hear about them or run into them! 

PSA:  Victoria Secret Semi Annual sale starts today! 


  1. Girl you are the best shopper, you always find the best deals! I love the yellow Old Navy Dress!

  2. looks like you scored big time lady!! I need to go to target, Scarlett needs a cardigan for when we head to Michigan and for $3.24 you cant beat that. I pay more than that for a latte at starbucks!!

  3. You did a great job.

    Your twitter page looks great.


    Coastal Blue Ocean

  4. LOVE the onesie that Peyton picked out!!

  5. wow! I cannot believe all the fabulous and adorable items you were able to find!


  6. Cute cute cute!!!!! I love a good bargain!!!!!

  7. I'm a sale queen and target and old navy are my fav places to shop for my little girl. Very cute finds. My baby girl has some of that same stuff lol

  8. Reagan has that peasant top and the one that says "spin...". Those are some great buys!!

  9. love those shorts from walmart. Our neighbor's littl girl had the cutest pair of jelly sandals and they were from walmart! I swore she got them at nordstrom. I need to get Mia two pairs in clear and pink. Every girl needs jelly shoes, right?:)


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