June 10, 2011

Fab Fathers!

Father's Day is fast approaching!  I put together a list of some Fabulous items I think the Misters' would like.

Burberry IPad Cover - this could be for me too!

 Mark Ecko Cut & Sew Shorts - Mister is pretty conservative so I have to dress him so he can hang with Peyton and I.  He likes that he has a personal stylist! 
Beats by Dre Headphones - any Man that enjoys music will love these!

Nook Color - Mister is also a Nerd  (a cute one : ) and loves to read business books for fun...  Great gift for the male reader in your life.  Ladies you can use it to download magazines!

I am King Cologne - I know people get tired of Diddy aka Mr. Swag aka Puffy...  but his colognes really smell good!  I think they are geared towards what women like.  Very light sent.  Plus it says King!  What man doesn't like to be called King!

A day of golf!  Need I say more!

What are you getting or doing for your Mister for Father's Day?  I am sure they won't be reading this blog : )

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  1. Great list!!!! I got my dad AppleTV for Father's Day. I hope he loves it! Even though hubby isnt technically a daddy, yet, I am taking him to brunch for the big day! :)
    Love the Burberry Ipad cover!!!

  2. all Dan wants is a day of golf too!!

  3. I love the Burberry Ipad cover and the Dr. Dre headphones. All great options!

  4. Awesome father's day ideas!

  5. yes his cologne smells good I have been holding on to a sample and keep on my desk because it smells soooo good!

  6. I got nothin'...it is beyond hard for me to shop for the hubbs, he is so freakin' picky! I can't buy him clothes because he never likes what I get him and pretty much everything else that I might want to get him is seriously expensive...*sigh* he is going to have to settle for some really nice meals at home and projects by the kiddos! I mean, what else does he really need? (c:

  7. Hubby loves his beats by dre headphones and the other Sean John cologne! He has the iPad and can read his magazines on there. I want the nook color! Great idea list!


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