June 22, 2011

Coastal Blue Ocean: I Heart My...

Hey Ladies!  We have Coastal Blue Ocean sharing with us what she Hearts!  She shares beautiful beach pictures and also is in to healthier living!  Enjoy!

Hello All, I am happy to contribute to the I Heart series from my blog Coastal Blue Ocean.

First, I would like to share some of the products I Heart available on my Shaklee web site.
I Heart these shakes because they're easy to have when you are on the go in the morning. Chocolate is my personal favorite.

I heart these powdered vitamins for babies. They provide you with an alternative if your baby won't drink their milk if you put in the liquid kind.

I heart the eye make up remover that is half the price of the department store brand that I used to purchase. I'm always on the hunt for a great deal these days.
I heart these cleaners that make our (yes hubby too) work easier keeping our home clean for our family and they are non toxic!

I heart the PBK boppy "slipcover".
It comes in chamois and you can have it monogrammed. We purchased pink and had our baby girl's first name put on it. Little secret. I now use it to prop up my laptop while reading blogs.

We are still hearting this stroller that we purchased with the carseat.

Ladies, doesn't this one remind you of a coach bag print?

Trina, Thank you so much for having me. I love to share what I Heart!  I think that health and safety are really important features.

Coastal Blue Ocean

Thanks Coastal Blue Ocean for sharing!  Since P is walking I have been trying to be careful of what products I use, so I need to check out Shaklee! That boppy cover would make a great gift!


  1. what a great way to reuse your boppy!! I will try that eye makeup remover, I am almost out

  2. Dear Trina,

    Thank you for inviting me and for having me as a guest today. It was so much fun.

    I love to share baby products with expectant Moms or fellow Moms(usually when I'm in Babiesrus or PBK(by the way love, love, love their bedding!).

    You had already covered my other faves: the Itzeen timer(which we still use when Baby Girl gets her shots and needs medicine for pain or has medicine for teething) & the Boppy pillow.

    The only other two that I would have added to my list are the Dr Brown's bottles(in the gift package) and the Medela nursing stool(which keeps your hips in line). I preferred that to my gliders footstool that didn't have a lock on it(we purchased the stool in natural because I thought the white paint would chip).

    If you or any of the other ladies contact me I can fill you in on some of the current Shaklee product promotions. As well as another special that I can offer at this time.

    Have a great day!

    Thanks again.

    Coastal Blue Ocean

  3. Great idea on the boppy!!! : )

  4. Cute slipcovers for the boppy! I'll have to get my sister one.

  5. That stroller and car seat are cute and totally look like Coach!! Loves!


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