May 13, 2013

Denim Dress + Rent the Runway Party

Last Thursday I attended Rent the Runway Pop-up party at the W in Buckhead!  After the crazy the crazy weeks I have been having, it was refreshing to just hang out, swoon over some fabulous dresses and chat with the homies!
Denim Skater dress, Warehouse/ Belt, F21/ Bangles, Prada/ Earrings, Spoiled Diva/ Bag, LV/ Shoes, Jeffery Campbell (old)

These shoes are between 6-7 years old!  They are so comfortable!  I got this dress a month ago from Warehouse.  They are a international company based in the UK.  Shipping was fast and I love my dress! 
So many fabulous dresses from Rent the Runway!  I have personally used RTR twice for special occasion dresses!  Why settle for a mediocre dress that you are going to wear once when you can pick from all these awesome designer dresses for pennies on the dollar! 
Fun night with some great gals!  I hope a permanent Rent the Runway store hits Atlanta soon! 

Do you end up spending an arm and a leg on dresses you only wear once?  Have you tried Rent the Runway yet?  Trust me, this is your guilt free solution! 

*I was not compensated for this post.  I received a gift bag at the RTR event.  Warehouse dress was purchased using a media discount. 


  1. Love your dress. Its giving me 90's vibe =)

    I plan on using Rent The Runway for a June Wedding. I tend to buy items that I know I can invest and wear multiple times. Since I feel I need a dress for this wedding I rather rent it.

  2. I hope so too abt an ATL store!

  3. Cute dress! And the shoes are pretty spectacular as well. Loving the ensemble, as usual :)

  4. I could totally rock that print dress with the bold jewels. Isn't it always nice to just get out for a little bit and not have to worry about life getting crazy?! Oy!

    You look super cute and chic in that dress!

  5. Your dress is cute! I'm going to have to hit up Warehouse. Cool event! Y'all always have something cool!

  6. Love how you paired the dress with those shoes -- GORGE!! (as always)

  7. i've used RTR before - i have a wedding in Aug and i havent' seen anything i "want" to borrow yet - i hope they get some new stuff in SOON so i can reserve it!


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