March 22, 2013

Mama Needs a Swimsuit

Peyton was walking around the house last weekend saying she was going to the beach with her little buckets.  I kept thinking to myself... how does this child know what a beach is?  After further questioning I found out she learned what a beach was from watching Caillou!  I felt bad that she has not been to a beach so I booked a mini vacay to the Gulf Coast in FL for Spring Break.  But now I am freaking out because I am not in bathing suit condition!  I'm frantically looking for a flattering swim suit.  These are the only ones I like online.
Mara Hoffman Fringe one piece - Super cute but I need support for my tah-tahs.  Not sure if this will get it done! 

Nanette Lepore Hula Gal Top and Bottom - The top looks like it has great support and cute bottom, but what am I going to do with my stomach?
 Freya Hello Sailor Bikini - Love the shorts but this suit leaves more skin out then I care for.
Asos Mix + Match High Waisted Top and Bottom - This is more my speed!  If I stop eating carbs right now I may can pull this off! 
Asos High Waisted Leopard Bikini - LEOPARD!!!!  Love the high waist!  I actually ordered this bathing suit yesterday.  I pray it comes in time for my trip.  I hope it looks good!  I should have ordered the red one too!  What do you think?

Which one do you like the best?  How do you feel about the high waist bikini?


  1. Ha I just posted about essentials for my upcoming trip! There is no way I can do a two piece this year. I need ruching to hide my tummy! Love the high waist bottom and the Leopard is HOT!

  2. I really love the high waist suits! I like the leopard more than the red. Finding a good bathing suit is so hard. Enjoy your trip!!!

  3. ooo the high waist leopard for sure I need a new bathing suit for this summer too for some reason now that I'm a mom I think I need to be more conservative on the beach lol

  4. All great options. Check Victoria's Secret too they have nice support for the boobs & have tummy slimming one pieces.


    1. I need to check Victoria Secret asap! I keep thinking they are all skimpy. Thanks!

  5. The last two are so cute! Love the high waisted look!

  6. I love retro styled bikinis! The high waist is so flattering. I have one from ASOS and I love it because the leg is also high cut (as opposed to one I have from J. Crew that has brief styling, which I think is less flattering to generous thighs). I hope you love them and feel comfortable!

  7. I like the second one!

    Mrs. Delightful


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