March 14, 2013

What I Learned From Bobbie Thomas on Bagladies Radio

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If you didn't tune in to Bagladies Radio show last night for our Shopping Confessions chat, boy you missed out!  Not only did we all dish about our not so good shopping habits but Bobbie Thomas, style editor of the Today show joined in on the chat as well!  Maj!  Lucky for you, you can listen to the show on demand on 
During the show, Bobbie shared with us how she loves retail therapy and that every lady should treat herself!  She said that therapy doesn't mean going out and splurging on expensive items.  It could be just a pair of earrings, a scarf or cruising the thrift store!  Something that makes you happy!  I like how this girl thinks!

Bobbie has a new book coming out April 23, The Power of Style!  This book is said to be more than a style guide but more of a "Life" style guide!
Beyond understanding your best colors and figure-flattering clothes, Bobbie takes a unique step back in this inspiring guide to empower you to feel stylish, smart, sexy, and satisfied—with a look that's uniquely your own…
I love Bobbie!  I can't wait to get a copy of the book!  I feel a Book Club coming on.... Who is in?  How do you do "retail" therapy?

For more info on the book click HERE.


  1. I missed the conversation but I'll listen to it on demand definitely. I agree that every girl deserves to treat herself. It's sometimes hard not to splurge, but I'm learning to treat myself to small things. I actually love a style book, so I'll read more about Bobbie's book.

  2. I love Bobbie Thomas! Is there any other kind of therapy! ha It appears her book is a must read.


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