March 3, 2011

That's What Friends are For!

I have been blessed to have great friends!  They have been there for me through thick and thin and highs and lows!  Best of all, even though we do not live in the same city... they call me when they find a fabulous deal on shoes!

My BFF from Looms Lids & Layers sent me these...
Vince Camuto 'Bronco' Bootie

I may not be able to wear them now that spring is coming but they will be on deck for the fall!
Endless is still selling them for $129!

These I can rock now!  All three pair were $95!  The reg price of each one is $100 or more.

I love you Dr. Rhonda!


  1. AW Your friends are so cute, love those shoes. xoxo

  2. Friends who look out for your shoe "needs"! Those are some great friends!!! Adorable shoes!

  3. girlfriends are the best!!!!

  4. She is the bestest! BTW the first two are Vince Cumato and the last are Gianni Binni.

  5. Ahh thanks for the shout out!! I'm always here!!

  6. all amazing shoes! great friends!
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