March 10, 2011

Money Aint a Thang! Swimwear

Its March and almost time to hit the beach!  I would love for Peyton to shut it down at the pool in this...

Cute huh!  This little number is from Dior and is $190!  Cute but I don't think so.  I will be hitting up Target or Baby Gap for a cute swim suit. Mama needs a new swimsuit for the new Mama body! There is a 5% chance that I may try to rock a bikini this summer : )  Just the thought gets me excited!

Let me know where you have seen cute reasonable swimwear for mama or baby.


  1. That is the most adorable baby swim suit I have ever seen!! Love it! Have fun shopping for baby, and for yourself!!
    I always find great swim suits at TJMaxx or Marshalls!

  2. That swimsuit is so cute but rather pricey. xoxo

  3. yes that suit is darling but $190 ouch and we all know that in about 3 months it will not fit:)


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