March 1, 2011

Peyton is a Winner!

Look what Peyton won from Baby Blackbird!

This handmade dress is from Minimoo Handmade.  This dress will be a great Easter Sunday dress. Now we need to find some shoes!

Speaking of winners, here are some looks from the red carpet at the Academy Awards!  At the end vote for your favorite.

Who is your Fav?  Vote below

If I did not mention your favorite so let me know who they are!


  1. This dress is toooo cute and it's one of my favorite colors!!

  2. That dress is beyond adorable! I love it!
    Isnt it so much fun to watch the Oscar red carpet!? Those were my top picks too!
    Cute blog!

  3. That dress is so cute & I adored the fashion the the oscars. xoxo


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