March 21, 2011

Peyton's Weekend Style!

Peyton was out all weekend!  Oh, and she is also a full time crawler as of this weekend! 

On Friday she sported this to her Gymboree class.

This is a Tea dress that I got from the Children's Boutique Warehouse Sale for $10.  We wore it with her pink Ralph Lauren espadrilles, that came from the warehouse sale for $10

Saturday she went with Mommy to the gym and store in this hot pink dotted Carter's dress that was a gift from one of her Tee Tee's (my bff).

Sunday we took a last minute trip to the mall with her sporting this.

Cat Eye top was $3 from Target, gold linen like drawstring pants $5 from H&M and jean espadrilles from Old Navy for $10.  I love this fit!

Ok, I guess your not supposed to rock line until after Memorial Day but I think Peyton gets a pass cuz she is looking good in it.  Celebs do it all the time!


  1. Don't worry about the rules of linen!! If its warm, you can do what you want and still be fly!!!Peyton is always fly!!

  2. Peyton is beyond adorable!!!!

  3. Peyton looks adorable as always. xoxo

  4. Could Miss Peyton get any cuter?? Best dressed baby eveer!

  5. we define fashion and Miss Peyton is definetly making her mark. Love it!

  6. Her cheeks are KILLER!!! All these looks are winners!


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