March 8, 2011

Baby Shopaholic vs. Consignment Sale!

So I went to the Second Childhood Consignment Sale last Thursday.  I was a little skeptical about going.  Not that I am a snob and think Peyton is to good for used items... I just feel I find such good deals why bother.  Since we are shopaholics I went!

I went with high expectations!  The flyer said no strollers until 8pm!  So I'm like this must be serious.  I didn't want to use the baby Bjorn since she almost broke my back during our sample sale.  So I left P and went to the sale.   I was getting excited thinking what if I find some Burberry and Gucci that some rich mom threw away!!! 

This is what it looked like pulling up!  Doors opened at 5, I got there about 5:20 and parking lot was packed!  It was held at an old Comp USA store.

A lot of stuff!  Very organized!

Sad to say, I really didn't find anything : )  I was very disappointed in the clothing.  Items were $3 to $5.  I find those prices every weekend in Target and Old Navy.  Before I buy a dress that was washed about 10 times for $4, I would rather find one on sale for $5 or $6.  Feel Me?

Don't get me wrong, if you were looking for a nice crib, a Maclaren Stroller or a Bumbo chair, this was the place!

Just so I would not leave empty handed, I got these two things...

This is a lullyby thing that has a light that shines on the ceiling with stars, paid $2.50

Barney laptop for $3.  Peyton loves computers and Ipads!  She needs her own!  Thought this would work, but there is nothing like the real thing to her!

Have you tried consignment shops?  Let me know what goodies you have found!


  1. I love consignment shops. Especially when my son was birth - 2 years old because they go through clothes/toys like water. There's one coming up that I will check out for spring/summer clothes.

  2. Yeah I went to one last year and found my niece a new coat and her brothers a few items. It was set up like that one. Sometimes you can find some good things. At least you tried!

  3. Woah! That is a lot of baby stuff! It looks like it would be fun. I will have to do some research on something like that on my area. I am sure they are around.

  4. totally agree, you can get great sales at every store. I usually don't have it in me to dig around in consignment stores. I took some of my sons old clothes/shoes to a consignment store and they offered my $3.00 for his worn one time Aster no thanks I would rather give them away to my friends

  5. Well, actually I have to say I am all about the consignement stores but only Once Upon A Child, in my area, orland park, IL. I think it depends on the area but 1/2 of my daughter and son's wardrobe is from a consignment store. They grow out of the clothes to fast so it works out great. I spend a lot of time looking for really nice quailty stuff and that looks NEW!!! I thought I would have a problem with it but I don't when I find items that have not been used that much and that still look new and that are Ralph Lauren polo or baby gap bands for $3-$5 dollars. I just got a Ralph Lauren oxford button up white polo shirt for Bryson for $4 with the tags still on, this would run new for about $39. It may sound crazy but I get more compliments on Sahara's gently used Ralph Lauren summer dresses or Bryson's Baby Gap sweaters then I do on some of the new stuff...

  6. You may have already been, but here are the Once Upon A Child stores in your area. I have much success there and I get Melissa and Doug Toys that are brand new for 50% off..


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