March 4, 2011

Daddy Shopaholic????

Disclaimer:  Mister wants to get in on the action! This is his post, I did not write.  I hope you enjoy!

Daddy's have some fashion love to give too. Sometimes, for his little girl its something fun like a pair of capri's, my personal favorite little lady wear. I was at Marshall's one day, dipped into the baby section and found these...

Yeah baby! Now, since my wife has fashion magazines all over the house, I cannot help but look and see all of the styles that look like a million. Well when I saw this white dress that looked like it could be one of those Vera Wing or Von Ves don berg, oh whatever...... I love this white dress for Peyton....

And finally, because my child is off the chart with her height, I mean literally the chart used for measuring baby's growth rate is 1 to 100%, Peyton is +100% and just growing too fast. So of course she needs more jeans and thought these would serve well when we go get some ice cream for just the two of us. Gotta go...

Love Mister

What do you think of his shopping skills?


  1. Cute post, your husband has great fashion knowledge. xoxo

  2. Awww Larry is too sweet! Loved the white dress and dark washed jeans!!

  3. Great post! I love what daddy picked! Good job!

  4. Yay for Mister. Mine would've had a pair of Jordans and a Miami Heat jersey!

  5. Mister got style too!!! Peyton will not be half stepping when she hangs out with her daddy. Love the dress..simply adorable.

  6. Such a cute post! Great job!


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