October 22, 2014

Count your coins for Kate Spade X Gap Kids

Time to count your coins!  The Kate Spade X Gap Holiday Kids collection arrives on October 30th! Guess who's going to be late for work that day... this mama!  Kate Spade is one off my favorite designers. Kate Spade and Jack Spade paired with Gap Kids, it's a match made in Baby Shopaholic heaven. 

Not sure of the prices on the collection but I'm I'll be there!  Everything I've seen so far, Peyton has to have it.  My alarm is set for October 30th.  Who else is eagerly anticipating this epic collaboration?


  1. HA!! I just received the email about this and there are some great looks!! Might have to grab a piece or two!

  2. You already know it's about to go down! Like let me get ready

  3. Umm count me in!! I'm so there and can't wait.

  4. Love these looks! Yes my little one will be in some of this!

  5. I had no idea thanks for the heads up!!! Can't wait to shop it!!


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