September 29, 2014

You Can Shine with Us

I hope you all had a great weekend!  It was way too short!  I planned on getting started on cleaning my closet but that didn't happen.  Peyton ended up having a last minute modeling gig on Saturday.  This baby is on fire!  I twisted her hair for the shoot so she rocked this rocker chic look while we did some running around.

 Shirt c/o Sol Shine Clothing | Jeans, Old Navy (DIY) | Bandanna & earrings, Walmart | Boots c/o Skechers
I just love this look!  The message on the tee from Sol Shine makes me smile!  The bandanna is perfect to adds a little flavor to the twist while we were out an about.   How awesome are Peyton's new Skechers boots?  Skechers has an awesome collection of fall/winter boots for girls that rival the women's boots.

Here is a sneak peek to the EPIC photo shoot with Creative Soul that took place this weekend! Can't wait to share more! 

Oh, I'm doing a 7 day no carb #DietDiariesChallenge starting today!  I hope that you will join me!  Details about the challenge HERE


  1. Such a cute look! I seen those shoes the other day when out shopping w my sister and Jubi. Kinda look like mini version of your justfab shoes!

  2. Go P, love her outfit! Super cute boots.

  3. LOVE IT!!! P is getting tall. She looks like a big girl in these pics. I CANNOT wait to see the finished Creative Soul photo shoot yall did. That video teaser and the one pic I'm sure has gone viral!!


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