September 24, 2014

New Arrivals: Love My Alannah Kid Accessories

Just as much as accessories make the outfit for us ladies, they do the same for kids.  LoveMyAlannah has been a godsend, keeping Peyton fly and fashion forward with all her accessories.  I wanted to share with some of LoveMyAlannah fly new arrivals for fall.

Peyton is rocking the oversize bow from the LoveMyAlannah fall lookbook.  Perfect for your little princess to wear to birthday parties or during the holidays.
These vintage vegan leather headbands will go with every outfit. 

I can't wait for Peyton to rock one of these snap-backs!  I love that Peyton loves to rock hats.  It gives me a a break and Peyton still looks fly when we step out.

Which item is your favorite?  Check out more from LoveMyAlannah HERE and follow on Instagram  @lovemyalannah for special promotions.


  1. Oh I love the vegan leather headbands and the hats are too cute and the little it all!

  2. I need that hat with the ears!! I seen a lady rockin a black one at the AAHH fest on Sun. Those vegan leather headbands are nice!

  3. Oh Nadia needs all of this and that big bow would be so cute for one of her bday events!

  4. I love them all, I must get my Nori a few. Adorbs!

  5. My boyz can't wear any of these!! But I love them all. Especially the floral and the headbands!

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