December 2, 2013

Turban Time

Happy Cyber Monday! I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend!  Besides working and being on call, ours was great!  I headed out Thanksgiving night for Black Friday, took a disco nap and went back out before going to work on Friday.  Well worth it!  I don't plan on doing much Cyber Monday shopping please check out my Shop Small Business post to find some fabulous items if you are shopping today.  Peyton is sporting some of her new accessories from some of our fave small business owners.
Jacket, Joe Fresh JCP | Joes Jeans | Scarf c/o Hi Baby | Moto boots, Target (similar)/ Aviators c/o LMA | Turban, Cisagail
Peyton knows she can werk some head pieces!  I'm in love with her new baby turban from Cisagail.  
I finally found some new cute moto boots from Target. 
Can we talk about how fly this outfit is?  I know I won't look 10% as cute as Peyton does but I may give this look a try.  This mini turban takes the cake!  Make sure you check out the newborn and toddler turbans by Cisagail.  She is offering 25% off today!  Product is limited so hurry over!  Make sure to check out LMA and Hi Baby as well for deals today.

Do you love the look?  Are you into turbans?

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  1. Super dope oufit!! Werk P!!

  2. Peyton knows how to work the camera she's such a little diva!! Love her entire look head to toe. Madison had a pair of moto boots she outgrew so I'll have to check Target. What size is P's turban I don't think there's one that fits Madison (my baby has a big head)! LOL

    1. Madison would look so cute in a turban with all that hair! In-box the designer on Etsy about the size.

  3. Uuuuumm can I be Peyton! This outfit is everything!

  4. Once again Peyton slays!!

  5. Go, P! She is stylin' in those moto boots. I love it!


  6. Hi dear,
    I really love your blog,
    And this post is amazing!

    I’m waiting for your opinion on my latest post!


    Kisses from Italy.

  7. I would surely rock this entire look Peyton has on! Dang she's FLY!

  8. This is the cutest post! I have got to get nadia a turban! She will probably take it off but at least I can get a pic with her in it. Peyton looks so fab!

  9. I LOVE this outfit!!! Too Cute!!!

  10. Marquette P.12/21/13, 2:16 PM

    she's such a doll. The reason I came by and now I just love the blog as a whole!! I need that turban asap.


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