December 10, 2013

Gifts for Men from Kohl's

Buying gifts for the man in your life can be a challenge.  Unless they tell you exactly what they want, it can take some critical thinking skills.  Mister has all the TV's, blue rays, phones and tablets he can handle.  What to buy?  I've partnered with Kohl's to put together a gift guide with Mister in mind.

I hit up Kohl's to pick out some gifts for Mister.  I forgot how big Kohl's Men's section was.  Almost as big as the ladies department.  Kohl's has some great gift ideas front and center in the men's section.  

Mister's biggest complaint is that I don't style him anymore since I had Peyton.  Well... Duh?  So I figured I would find a few key pieces to spruce up his outdated conservative wardrobe.  I found a fabulous corduroy blazer that has elbow patches, nice wool scarf and some casual boots that will be a great addition to his closet.

Mister needs this watch case in his life.  Mister throws his watches all over the place... bathroom and sock drawers, by the sink.  This case will keep his timepieces safe in a classy display.  Why not get a new watch to put in the case? 

I found great gifts that Mister will like from Kohl's.  All of these items would be great gifts for any man in your life.  Do you buy gifts from Kohl's?  Sign up for Kohl's emails to get coupons to get even more bang for your buck!

*This post was sponsored by Kohl's


  1. Hubby is the same way, it's so hard to shop for him. These are all great options, love them all and I didn't know they carried Eddie Bauer. I need to make a run to Kohls! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing these suggestions for the guys.


  3. Hey! I love all of these suggestions! Thanks!


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