December 5, 2013

9 Holiday Party Dresses Under $100

Welcome to Holiday Party season!  So many parties and so little time to find something to wear.  As a busy working mom, the easiest thing to wear is a dress.  Plan a ahead and check out these super cute dresses under $100 that you can wear now and later.

Middle Row: F21 Lace Dress | Joe Fresh for JCP (I got this one!) | ASOS Lace Sleeve Dress

So many fab dresses for the low-low!  Besides the first red dress, the are all forgiving and will hide the few pounds that I may have picked up during Thanksgiving.  

Do you see anything you would like to wear to a holiday party?  Do you have party dresses lined up already?


  1. Loving the first one and the black leather dress!

  2. OOOHH! THAT leather dress is amazing. I am so busted lately I might not even go to my holiday party! ugh!

  3. My biggest gripe with "holiday" clothing is you only get to wear it once! Most people don't want to wear the same party dress the following year to another Christmas party so I try to keep it simple and neutral and these prices are just right.

  4. My favorite is the red one, the first one up on the left. Not a bad selection for under $100!


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