November 27, 2013

Shop Small this Saturday

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!  I'm happy to announce we have been invited to a few dinners on Thanksgiving Day after begging on the blog so I will not be cooking!  I am thankful for that!

After Black Friday, make sure to participate in Small Business Saturday.  We all get caught up shopping at the big chain stores for the holidays.  I think it's important that we support our small businesses the best we can.  I love small businesses because you can find items that no one else carries.  I wanted to share some of my favorite small businesses that you can shop for Small Business Saturday and beyond.

Love My Alannah (LMA) for fabulous kids accessories.
Imperfect Concepts Boutique for cute camo and pre-loved designer items.
 Hi Baby for unique handmade children scarves and mini purses.
Hooked by Ima for children and adult handmade scarves, hats and gifts.
Carson Bryce for fresh made soaps and skin care.  Carson Bryce has a shop in Atlanta.  Click HERE for more info.
 Leslie Tessler luxurious capes.
 Lydali one of a kind hand crafted pieces from around the globe.
Silky Wraps for women and children wraps and bonnets.
Soft Butter by Bernetta for homemade body moisturizers. 
Kluster Happy Jewelry for handmade gemstone jewelry.

All of these brands are backed by amazing women that I admire.  They all offer great products and awesome customer service.  Let's support them this Christmas season.


  1. This is so true! I'll be sure to visit local boutiques in support of small business Saturday!

  2. Thank you for including Shop ICB in your Small Biz Saturday post. I will be checking out several places this Saturday =) Have a great thursday

  3. Great list! You and that little girl are soooooo cute I want to kidnap you both (since I can't have the baby without you)!

  4. Wonderful..!! This yellow handmade jewelry looks fantastic on you. I really like it.

  5. Awesome list of businesses to support. Love that bonnet on her! Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. Samantha . LoveMyAlannah11/28/13, 3:38 PM

    OMG.... You don't know how special you made us feel including us on this list!
    Thank you for ALWAYS supporting us.


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