November 5, 2013

JeNu Skincare System: Before + After #NMBeauty

Plastic surgery is so common now and days.  I haven't had anything done but I'm not shocked when I hear other people do it.  I have nothing against having a little nip tuck to keep things tight, but before going under the knife I would like to find a non-surgical way to maintain.  I was ecstatic to receive the JeNu Active Youth Skin Care System from Neiman Marcus
The JeNu Active Youth Skin Care System is an ultra-sound skincare system that aids to deliver 12x more anti-aging ingredients into the skin vs just creams alone.  The system can be used around eye and lip area.  The system includes an ultrasound wand, Active-Youth eye treatment and lip serum infused with advanced microsphere technology. 
Now in my mid 30's, I have never tried any anti aging creams for my eyes.  Even though I feel I'm aging gracefully, I do have this deep crease under my eyes.  I thought I would try the JeNu to see if it would provide any improvements.  I used the JeNu Active Youth Skin Care system for about three weeks straight, once a day give or take a few.  Even though the lighting in the before and after pictures are different, you can definitely see a difference.
After washing my face, I put one pearl size amount of the Active-Youth eye treatment on the wand head.  I slowly moved the wand in overlapping circles around my eyes until it automatically shuts off after one minute.  At first I was scared I would feel electrical currents going through my face and eyes but it wasn't like that at all. 
JeNu Active Youth Skin Care system can also be used on the lips.  The JeNu wand along with the Active Youth Lip Serum helps to prevent fine lines around the mouth and dryness.
As you can see, I have the driest and crustiest lips in America!  Gross, I know!  I hide it really well.  The JeNu wand has given me so much hope.  Since I started using it I don't even need to apply any lip balm throughout the day.  The condition of my lips has changed dramatically since starting JeNu.  They have more moisture for longer periods of time and they just look healthier.  Unlike my eye area, I could feel the wand on my lips.  I thought since my lips were so big I wouldn't feel a thing but I could feel a tickling sensation on my teeth.  Nothing painful, just thought I would give you the heads up. 

The JeNu Active Skin Care system is nothing short of an amazing beauty gadget.  To see significant results in just a few weeks is incredible.  If you have dry lips like me or want to reduce the appearance of fine lines around your eyes without botox, this is the tool for you.  Christmas is coming so add this to your wish list!

Do you use anti-aging products?  Have you heard of JeNu?  

*I'm a Neiman Marcus Beauty Ambassador and received the item for review purposes.  Thoughts and opinions are my own. 


  1. I definitely need this for my lips!!

  2. I should probably invest in something like this I have no anti-aging beauty products and have no clue what to get. I hate spending $$ on something that doesn't work. I'd love to try this gadget on my lips because Burt's Bees chapstick is making a killing off me!

  3. ummm, that's amazing. I'm going to go ahead and need one of these! wow!

  4. Never heard of it, but definetly going to check it out. Because my lips need help too. BAD!

  5. Never heard of them and I normally don't use anti-aging products but I'm not opposed to them. I use Carmex on my lips but this system looks like it did a great job.

    I am truly blessed that I have parents with great skin and when you add the "Black don't crack" factor in there I hit the motherlode but I can always help nature along, right? Oh, and I'm from Los Angeles, people talk about plastic surgery like people talk about buying shoes.

  6. I need this for my eyes! Going on wish list!!

  7. Never heard of them but this had good results...may have to check them out!

  8. Those before and after photos are super impressive!


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