August 15, 2012

Baby Shopaholic Shopping in the City

I managed to fit in some shopping while I was in NYC!  I was super pumped that 5th Avenue Zara carried the kids line.  I have been forced to shop online to buy Peyton Zara Kids!

Cute Trench for $20

Metallic Hightops $13
Jeggings for $10.  These are thick and borderline jean like.  

I also hit up H+M and picked up a few things for the fall.  
Riding pants for $10

Harem Pants for $5

Rolling Stones vintage concert T-shirt $10

I am so happy I didn't go over board.  My partners in crime Looms Lids and Layers and Our Delightful Home had more then me!  I plan on going through Peyton's closet this weekend to take inventory to see what she still needs for fall. Have you started fall shopping or are you still getting the end of summer deals?


  1. I've started. I think I am completely done with bottoms. Now to stock up on tops and shoes and a pea coat and accessories!!

  2. I love love that trench coat!

  3. I love Zara for little girls- always so cute and sassy. But for little boys- not so much! And baby boys- forget it! I wish they would step up their game for the boys!!!

  4. So cute, love that trench coat. I also got Madison those adorable riding pants from H&M couldn't pass them up.

  5. I had so much fun shopping with you guys:).

    Mrs. Delightful

  6. I adore that trench and the sneakers! So awesome!! Loved shopping with u at H&M- should've bought that
    Red trench after all!

  7. Ok, is it wrong that I want all her lil pieces? LOL!!!! EVERYTHING is soooooooo cute!!!!

    7eventh Letter

  8. I just came across your blog, and it the cutest. I have a niece who make sure I keep looking fly. But her mom also does a good job. I have to share your blog with her. Really nice job.



  10. I need to start. I have just been buying random pieces with no season in mind! I had a big load too but you made me purge!

  11. I thought I was done, but now feel like I need to go hit up Zara Kids online and step up her game. lol. Dad id focusing on her shoe game this weekend. :)


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