August 18, 2012

Swag! Lipstick + High Heels

I know I have been going on, and on about BlogHer!  I just wanted to highlight the awesome gift bag sponsors for the Lipstick + High Heels party in NYC!  I reached out to brands that I love and use on a regular basis that I knew my guest would enjoy!

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EDEN Bodyworks:  Not only did EDEN supply the guest with bottles of shampoo and conditioners, we sipped specialty cocktails courtesy of EDEN Bodyworks!  Natural hair care line I was introduced to this past spring.  Products contain No Alcohol, No Petroleum, No Mineral Oils and No Sodium Sulfates.  Products are sold online  and at Walmart and Sally Beauty Supply.  Great for the whole family!

Pouts + Winks: Provided us with beautiful bold on trend lipsticks!  Pouts + Winks specializes in hand picked colors for your eyes and lips.  Great addition to your cosmetic bag!

The GUD Stuff:  The Gud Stuff generously gave all the guest Incredible organic moisturizers!  I was given a sample of the Gud Stuff and was hooked ever since!  I have dry skin so regular lotions don't help.  The Gud Stuff uses all natural oils of vitamin E, jojoba, coconut,and sweet almond to nourish and deeply moisturize the skin and hair.  The Gud Stuff is a must for winter!

Carson Bryce:  We were gifted soaps and scrubs made of all natural product and do NOT contain alcohol!  You hear me rave about this soap all the time.  I have been using Carson Bryce soaps and scrubs for over a year, once you start you will not want to use anything else! 

Tria Beauty: Leader in at home skin perfecting and laser hair removal systems.  They provided one of each systems for our High Heel competition! 

J + J Cupcakery:  We finished to night with red velvet cupcakes from  New York based J+J Cupcakery! I am not gone lie, I put a few to the side! 

Suakoko Betty: Provided my fabulous contemporary African inspired clothing!  I loved everyone one of my outfits to death that were provided by Suakoko!

Special thanks to New York based photographer, Nik Wes for taking the beautiful pictures! Thanks to Pranna Lounge for providing us with this beautiful space!

Thanks you to everyone that attended!  I enjoyed meeting everyone of you lovely ladies!  It was a pleasure!!!  I would love to hear which products are your favorites so far.


  1. You are amazing. I love to see how your brand is growing so much. The short suit is fabulous. I will be at the next BlogHer.

  2. OOOh I cannot wait for the party for next year!

  3. I love love love the soap. My bar from the party is almost gone! I have to order more!


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