June 15, 2011

All Things Bright & Beautiful: I Heart My....

Hey Ladies!  Today the hilarious and stylish Aubrey from All Things Bright and Beautiful is sharing what she Hearts!

'Sup, party people. 
And no, I'm not hardcore like that...but it would be kind of cool if I was. (c:
I'm Aubrey from All Things Bright and Beautiful, and if you are already thinking I'm crazy, not only are you correct, but it's about to get worse...

Oh, you have really asked for it now! 
 What I'm {hearting} at the moment:
Greek Salad from Paradise Bakery
(I swear this is the least exciting thing I talk about, but definitely the most tasty)

I swear, if you knew me well, you would be completely shocked by this because I am *NOT* a salad person. 
But...this salad is absolutely scrumptious! The greek dressing, feta cheese, and kalamata olives are just an *insanely* good combo that has me obsessing over these greens...especially now that it's getting hotter!

These little mini bags have got me drooling *big time* lately...which is dangerous because if I don't have a big ol' purse, I'm positive I am going to leave it somewhere! And can you imagine if you lost one of these???
Fun Nail Polish

Maybe this has to do with all the "toe bearing" shoes that summer brings, but I have been entertaining myself (and my two year-old) with fun nail polish colors/designs...

Okay probably not *quite* as crazy as some of those...
But polka dots have been a real fave:
And I am *dying* to try OPI's new shatter top coat
Don't even lie, you know that looks F-U-N.
Kate Spade
Yeah, I do mean pretty much *anything* Kate Spade, too. (c:
From their ads...
To their fabulous shoes...

Their beautiful stores...
Even the freakin' packaging their stuff comes in is gorgeous...
I think it's pretty obvious by this point that I *REALLY* love Ms. Kate...
And if I'm ever a gazillionaire...you already know what I'm doing with a good portion of my money.
Well, I think that is *quite* enough random ramblings for one day, dolls! Thanks for playing along...it's been a real slice! And thank you Miss Trina for letting me steal your blog for a day! (c:

Aubrey you are too much!  I love nail stickers, the funkier the better!  Kate Spade...  LOVE!  Soon after starting my first job out of college I went and bought my 1st Kate Spade and still have it!  Thanks for sharing!!!


  1. Loves you Aubrey! I a girl after my own heart! I love greek salad, clutches, Kate Spade- well really everything on your list!

  2. Great post Aubrey!!! I am loving pretty much everything on your list little lady!!! Esp Miss Kate! Have you checked out the sale? To die for! I just **may** have to treat myself!! :)

  3. i want to try the new OPI nail polish as well!!
    btw...check out our blog today...we have a greek salad recipe that is to die for!!

  4. Amaaazing picks!! That gold sequined, (taco shaped ;) clutch is fabulosooo!!

  5. love this - and that salad looks AMAZING!

  6. Awesome Aubrey!!! I love Greek salads so you're making me veeery hungry. Also love OPI shatter. Sally Hansen also makes some in different colors. Bought the gold last night. Will let you know how it goes. Oh and you know I'm a clutch girl already :)

  7. great, now I need an olive, a clutch AND a mani. oxox shel

  8. Thanks for all the love, ladies! And thanks for letting me goof off on your blog today, Trina, it's always a pleasure! (c:

  9. I hear you Aubrey...there's just something about a Greek Salad that is so delicious. I've tried to make it at home, but it just never comes out the way it does when I get it out.

  10. Love a good greek salad, esp feta cheese! Cute clutches, too. I actually have the flower nail art in the pic on my nails now. I love the new crazy nail art!! Great post!!

  11. Holy moly! We're on the same page. Love Kate and all things brightly colored! Those wedges are amazing. Aubrey is just too cute (:

  12. Lovely post Aubrey!! That salad looks delish!! I've gone clutch mad with your pics!


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