October 17, 2013

Bonnie Young Show at #petiteParade

Peyton and I returned from the petiteParade Kids Fashion about a week ago and we are still talking about it.  One of the most anticipated shows during Kids Fashion Week was Bonnie Young.  After working as Creative Director for Donna Karan for 16 years, Bonnie Young started her children's luxury couture line.  The Bonnie Young fashion show was packed and standing room only (you know I made sure P and I had a seat)!  This show brought out top magazine fashion editors and celebrity kids, like P Diddy's girls who sat front row dressed in her designs. 

all images by John Parra
HAUTE!  I know you first thought is... does she make these outfits in adult sizes?  Your second thought is... these outfits look a little grown for young girls.  Am I right?  To answer your question, yes, Bonnie Young will be introducing a women's line soon!  YAY!  Are her designs to grown for you girls?...hmmm...maybe, but I love that she is innovative in her designs and steps outside the box.  Keep it mind, this was a fashion show.  I saw P Diddy's 7 year old girls in the Bonnie and Young dresses and they looked beyond adorable.  Bonnie Young may be an American designer but she has big international appeal!  What do you think of the Bonnie Young looks?


  1. Yea, I definitely think that dresses look a little bit too grown up but you could always layer them with tights and a jacket to make them age appropriate.

  2. Haute is right! Love, love, love. Some of the designs look age appropriate as is, and I can totally see them in an an editorial. I love the idea above about adding tights or leggings for coverage.

  3. B Young was one of the BEST shows at PP. Really. My fav dress was the second to last one you have pictures above in white. Unbelievable!


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