September 19, 2013

Joe Fresh Kids Shopping Haul Round 3

I'm currently obsessed with the Joe Fresh kids line at JC Penney.  This is round 3 of Joe Fresh fall clothing for Peyton.  This stuff is just ridiculously cute at great prices!

Tres Chic sweatshirt
Stripe sweatshirt
Cropped zipper leggings
Ballet dress
Patterned skinny jeans

All of these items are on clearance and nothing cost over $10!  Even though this is the third round, I feel like I missed something.  Have you purchased any items from the Joe Fresh collection at JCP?


  1. OMG I am going this weekend to get Jubilee some stuff. If they do not have this stuff I will be hitting you up. She needs that first sweatershirt and pants.

  2. I picked up a few things early on but haven't been back. Umm do I really need to get this little girl anything else. I love a sale!

  3. Cute stuff! I will have to check out JCP kids.

  4. OMG! So cute

  5. I got Addison a shirt similar to the Tres chic but it says little black tee or something like that. I also got her a pair of floral jeans, the dance sweatshirt and a jean skirt. My store was wiped out!

  6. the polka dot jeans and that first sweatshirt are TO DIE for! Sometimes I wish I had a little gal! :)

  7. i also like this

    prices are great


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