September 17, 2013

Before & After: Cloud 9 Curling Wand #NMBeauty

I like my hair to look like i just stepped out the salon, but who wants to spend all day doing it?  I'm sure you understand my pain. So when I received the Cloud Nine Original Curling Wand I broke out in a cold sweat for a few reasons: One, I’m currently rocking curly hair.  Two, I don’t like curling my hair.  And lastly, I've never used a wand before.   I knew was in for a challenge.
Cloud Nine Hair company is known for their award winning hair straighteners and curlers.  The Cloud Nine Original Curling Wand is said to give you the curl of your dreams!  The unique 360° swivel cord moves around the base as you curl, meaning you enjoy incredible freedom of styling at any and every angle. The hibernation mode kicks in when you haven't used your wand for 30 minutes, meaning it begins to cool down completely. Each wand comes with a protective heat guard that fastens neatly over the barrel, protecting it for travel or storage. 
Now for the good stuff! 
The picture above is my hair before washing.  A hot mess! 
After washing my hair, I toweled dried my hair and then used a hair dryer to loosen my curls a bit.  I only blow dried my hair for about 5 minutes.  I did a quick YouTube search to see how others used the wand and I jumped right in.  I skipped using the heat glove because I like pain (NOT).   
I put the Cloud Nine Original Curling Wand to the test to see if it would curl and tame this already frizzy and curly hair.  Without straightening it, I immediately started to wand my hair.  To my surprise the curls came out gorgeous!
The end results! FABULOUS! 
With this big hair, I thought it would take me hours, but to my surprise, it only took me about 40 minutes.  For the Cloud Nine Original Curling Wand to tame this lioness of hair, I would say its pretty gangsta.  I’m excited to have a new look to add to my hairstyle resume!  True to it's name, I'll definitely be on cloud nine with a head full of beautiful curls the next time I step out!
Check me out with my Cloud Nine curls poppin!  Not bad for my first time.  What do you think?  Have you used a wand before? 

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*I'm a Neiman Marcus Beauty Ambassador and received the Cloud Nine wand for review purposes.  Thoughts and opinions are my own. 


  1. Super cute. I love wand curls. They are quick and easy and look so cute...and they last a couple of days too!

  2. I've never used a curl wand before, but that looks great! Very well done.

  3. Very pretty Trina. I use a regular ole Conair wand and love it. I skip the glove too! It's a hassle.

  4. Love! Almost makes me want to grow my hair back! LOL

  5. I love it! It looks so much easier than using a regular curling iron. Even though I love the curls with the curling wand, will you be able to get the hair back to the previous curly state by just washing it?

  6. Marquette P.12/21/13, 3:22 PM

    Ohh lala. Im late but love it still. hehe


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