June 14, 2013

Best of Style Me Friday

Our girl Eboni took the week off for Style Me Friday : (.  I thought I would take a look back at some of my favorite Style Me Friday's.  Click on the look to see details of each outfit. 
My first SMF in Camo Pants!

Flora Pants.
Stripe shirt and Boyfriend jeans.
Oh... the post that almost wasn't!  The Crop Top!
 Daytime Sparkle!
Casual Pencil Skirt. 
Pink jeans!
White Tee!
Sweatpants and heels!
Weekend Casual

This post make me a little anxious for Fall!  So which look is your favorite?

If you live in the Atlanta area please join me tomorrow for Shop the Aisle at Walmart!  There will be hair talk, free gifts and giveaways!  Click HERE to RSVP!


  1. I love your pencil skirt and crop top styles.

  2. I love the striped shirt and boyfriend jeans. :)

    Thanks for the recap because I missed some of these.

  3. Awesome!


  4. You look super cute in all the looks. They are all my fave too! S/N when you wear your hair natural in a top knot do you use gel? I need product so its less frizz. tweet me lol

  5. Very Nice!!! You did a fab job on each challenge!!!! Get it!!!

    7eventh Letter

  6. I love all of them and you nailed them all!

  7. Loved your Daytime Sparkle look girl!! If ever you want to donate the outfit to me I will be more than willing to accept. The topknot is also gorgeous!!! Lovin the look.



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