June 12, 2013

Father's Day is Sunday! I Need a Gift!

Father's Day is this Sunday!  Man, it snuck up on me!  I always wait to the last minute to find gifts.  Time to battle the task of what to get Mister!  Here are a few things that I think he may like (or want him to have).

If I got Mister the Fendi wallet I would probably steal it from him!  I love the oxfords!  They look so dapper!  The projector would be a great idea for Mister's business.  I just need to check out the reviews.
I am digging the Arthur George by Robert Kardashian sock line.  Love the patterns.  Not positive if this will be a hit with Mister but I may give it a try!
Mister loves to play basketball so I know he will get good use out of some new gear.

It looks like Peyton and I will be deep in the streets this weekend to find Mister a gift.  Do you think any of these gifts would be a hit?  What are you giving the special father in your life?

*This is not a sponsored post.


  1. OOOOH! iPhone projector! I might grab that for my dad! Good idea, girl!

  2. I know my Mr. would love everything pictured.


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