November 5, 2012

Behind the Scenes: Mommy & Kids CBWW Fashion Show

Here are a few behind the scenes pictures from the Mommy and Kids Fashion show featuring Gap and Hooked by Ima knit hats.

Look at my dapper little boys!  Thanks to celebrity stylist, Urcia owner of Glam Duo for constructing the little boys outfits for me at the Gap!

Celebrity Stylist, Melvin owner of Fab Connect came in to put the finishing touches on the kids!

That's me looking scary trying to comb Peyton's hair.

Kids are already to go!

The lil divas getting makeup done (lipgloss : )

Peyton showing us her makeup!  She did rock a little concealer to try to hide that black eye.

Fab Connect stylist doing her thing on one of my Mom models.

I actually got to change!  Back stage lining up at the Twelve Ballroom.

Mommy Chareelene and Baby M, matching ready to rip the runway!

The Fab Connect team did their thing helping me get the kids ready for the show!  Thank you so much!

Mister and I.  Doesn't he look cute?  Hey Boo!

I had a little surprise ending, Mister walked in the show with Baby M in Gap clothing!  It was so cute!  Baby is wearing Hooked by Ima owl hat.

Here is the Gang!  The kids did a great job!  I was so proud of them!  They were ready to go again.  I should have the runway pictures soon!  I can't wait to share them with you!

Big thanks to Gap for providing all the clothing for babies, big kids, moms and dad!  You can shop for the whole family at the Gap!  Thank you to Hooked by Ima for provided the super duper cute hats that some of the little girls rocked on the runway!  Thanks you to all the Moms and Dads for your support and allowing your children to be a part of the show.  I have a ton more thank you coming soon!


  1. You did such a great job planning the fashion show. The kids were absolutely adorable! Thank you!
    - Keri
    The Center for Black Women's Wellness

  2. You go gal! The event looks great! What cutie pie kids!

  3. too cute!

  4. So fab!! All the kids looked good! Yes Mister is looking goooood!!! Lol! Great job Trina!

  5. *Waving* heyyyy Melvin! Kudos to you Trina for a job well done...

  6. I absolutely love the red you and mister are wearing. And Peyton looks darling as always. Looks like she was loving the lipgloss. You had some fierce little people walking your runway. I love how you incorporated Hooked by Ima in the show. Love her stuff. And the parents look great. Loving that hat Mimi was wearing. Cheers to a job well done Trina! Fab! Congrats!

  7. These pics are adorable!!!

  8. We had so much FUN! Can't wait for the next show!! LOL

  9. Too cute! Looks like it was an awesome event.


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