November 30, 2012

My Black Friday.... on Thursday!

After over-stuffing my face a few time with food on Thanksgiving day, I prepared my Black Friday shopping plans.  I didn't have much that I was looking for but Walmart and Target had what I really wanted.  Walmart sales started at 8 and Target started at 9pm!  

First stop was Walmart!  Walmart could get a little rowdy on Black Friday!  Picture above is of the lines waiting for the clock to hit 8pm to get the special prices!

Then we headed right around the corner to Target.  That line was pretty long!  You can't even see where it starts in the picture.

I didn't have any big HOT ticket items to get.  At Walmart I picked up the Little Tykes kitchen set. I saved $50 by getting it during the sale!

I grabbed this Nikon camera at Target for Mister because he is always trying to take mine.  I saved $100!  I showed it to him when I got home and he said he wanted a professional camera... oh...'s like that.... 

I picked up this little Dirt Devil at Target for $25!  Yes I bought a $25 vacuum!  My over $200 vacuum doesn't even pick up a lint ball! *Warning: rant is coming*....I have purchased 2 pretty expensive vacuums and they never have worked!  Why is it so hard to make a good vacuum?  I should not have to buy a Dyson or Kirby in order to pick up lint balls!  I will be better off buying one of these cheap ones that work until they burn out.  At least I won't be mad at the money I spent when it doesn't work.   Does anyone else have this problem? *End Rant*

Back to Black Friday!  While I was in Target I picked up some toys and clothes for Peyton, E.L.F makeup, and some other miscellaneous items that were $5 and $10.  I was done shopping Thanksgiving night around 10pm!  I didn't get a ton of stuff or spend too much money.  So happy that I got Peyton's kitchen at such a deal!  Did you go out for Black Friday?  Where did you go? What did you get?


  1. I haven't been Black Friday shopping in a long time, but you found some really great deals. I bet Miss P will love that kitchen set!


  2. That's happened to me with vacuums too! SO frustrating!


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