October 29, 2012

Weekend Style: Time for Ugg Boots

Hope you had a fabulous weekend!  Thank you for all the anniversary wishes!  Mister and I had a great weekend celebrating.  Before we kicked up our anniversary plans we got up Saturday morning to take Peyton to the Grand Opening of the Macy's Pink Pig!

Shirt, Old Navy/ Faux fur vest c/o Zutano/ Jeggings, H+M/ Ugg Boots

Peyton and I are both Ugg girls!  I have been rocking mine since late September! They are just so cute on little feet!

Are you rocking your Ugg boots yet?  Did you notice Peyton's eye?  My poor baby has a sty!  It makes me so sad seeing her little eye like that.  I used to get styes all the time as a kid!  I had 3 surgically removed!  I hope she doesn't have the same issues I had!  It seems to be going down, but I know they can take a while to go away. Ugh!


  1. Awww Peyton is too cute. I've never owned a pair of Uggs but I hear that they are super comfortable.

  2. Awwww poor P! Hope it goes away soon. She still rocked that outfit & looks super cute!! I love Uggs too but haven't worn mine yet this year.

  3. Adorable! Poor baby. Madison needs some Ugg boots.

  4. I love my Uggs. I wear mine every weekend! They are like wearing slippers. ;-)

  5. OMG her Uggs are so cute! I am going to get mine this weekend.

  6. I LOVE Uggs on kids!! Hope that sty goes away and never comes BACK! I never owned Uggs I prefer them on little feet

  7. She is too cute for words!!!

    Carsedra of:



  8. HAHAHA!!!!!! Princess P is soooo FLY!!!!!!


  9. Doesn't she look like such a cutie pie. Love her baby Uggs. I'm from LA and Uggs have been the thing for years, people even rock them in 100 degree heat with shorts. So with that, yes I'm an Ugg girl LOL. Glad you and the little cutie are as well...


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