October 2, 2012

John Hardy Fall Collection Preview at Neiman Marcus

Last week I had the honor to attend a private preview of the John Hardy Fall Collection at Neiman Marcus!  Alright Ladies!  Y'all better start being good because Christmas is coming and you are going to want to a John Hardy piece!  

Each JJohn Hardy piece is one of a kind because they are all handmade!  Isn't this piece amazing?  

Inspired by the glamorous bohemian chic of Marrakech, the John Hardy Fall 2012 Women’s Collection is a colorful journey through an exotic global city. Creative Director and Head Designer, Guy Bedarida was profoundly influenced by 1960s style icon and the original gypset queen, Talitha Getty, with her bright kaftans and silk harem pants accessorized with shimmering layers of exotic jewelry.

As the son of a French diplomat who spent his childhood in the region, Guy found inspiration in Talitha’s pioneering style and Morocco’s seductive beauty, from mesmerizing architectural details and starlit skies to vivid colors and sensual materials. Classic motifs are reinterpreted with an eye on the iconic prints, patterns and textures of Morocco. A jewel-toned color palette of deep indigo blues, spicy oranges, warm browns and milky white lends a sultry Middle Eastern feel. Effortlessly chic, the Fall 2012 collection exudes a relaxed everyday glamour that is instantly recognizable by the stylish reimagining of John Hardy’s signature motifs such as Naga, Dot and Classic Chain.

The shell ring on the left is embedded in my mind forever!  The creativity, thought and detail that went into this ring stood out to me.

You thought it stopped there?  Check out the bottom.  Filled with diamonds and more details.

Pieces from the Year of the Dragon, Naga Collection.

Kristen from Lily Kai and Allison from The Style Pundit joined in on the fabulous action!

John Hardy's Fall Collection makes you appreciate fine jewelry all over again.  Available at Neiman Marcus, John Hardy has something for every one.  Prices start $200 up to P Diddy status!  Are you familiar with John Hardy?  Aren't these pieces stunning?


  1. Wow!!!! That pink bracelet you showed first here stole my heart. And probably my savings account. Pfft!!! Who am I kidding!?! lol.

  2. Wow, he has some gorgeous pieces. I will always be a jewelry lover, but this definitely makes you appreciate it. Beautiful collection. And you're looking gorg!

  3. Those shoes are awesome, lady!! Love the bracelet too. GORGEOUS!

  4. i'll just take all of these, esp. the first one! omg.
    Xo Megan

  5. Gorgeous pieces. I'd like to get my hands on some!


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