October 4, 2012

Robert Verdi & Saks Fashion Show

One thing that all fashionistas' (with a sense of humor) need to do in life is to go to a fashion show hosted by Robert Verdi!  He put together some fall looks for an exclusive presentation at Saks Fifth Avenue!

Robert Verdi had me in stitches with his commentary during the show!  He talked about NeNe from RHOA, Honey Boo Boo, and called a model a hooker (in a good way) LOL!

Now pay attention!   See the shoulder detail on the dress.....

SIKE!  It's actually a Christian Louboutin  bag!  FIERCE!

Robert Verdi and I.  I wish he could live with me, Mister and Peyton!  We would have so much fun!  I am wearing a La Rock Tunic from Bloomingdale's   For the record, I wasn't feeling my outfit... You win some, you lose some : ).

But I love my new shoes from Just Fab!  They made up for my outfit! Ha!  So crazy that I didn't really own any black pumps!  These are my answer.

I love the looks that Robert Verdi put together.  They are for the REAL woman!  Even though I want to add some color to my fall/ winter wardrobe, it's still OK to wear all black or stay neutral.  What color do you wear most in the fall?  Don't you just love Robert Verdi?


  1. Loving the shoes and the studded top.

  2. I need that leopard trench! You look fab!

  3. Loved this event and got some great styling tips! Nice to see yah there!


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