September 19, 2012

Model Call for CBWW Expo Recap

Saturday, Eboni, Nikka and I had our model call for the 5th Annual CBWW Expo and Fashion shows.  While Eboni and Nikka will be handling the women and plus size shows, I will be hosting the children's fashion show.  The actual show takes place on November 3rd in Atlanta, so mark your calenders!

Your Fashion show Hostesssss (lol).  See me rocking my moto boots by Report from Nordstrom!  I love these things!

Little miss Addy (Mimi's of Lipgloss and Binky's Daughter) and Peyton, waiting their turn to try out for the children's fashion show!  I must say for two year olds' they did a great job until the started to play "ring around the roses" in the middle of the walk.  I am sure they will get it together before the show!

Mimi, Me, Eboni and Tierra, looking like professional judges!  Mimi will be working with me on the children's show.

Owner of Elizabeth Kane Talent Agency, Shanice and her assistant.  I want to thank her for all her hard work on the model call.

I am super excited (and nervous) for this fashion show on November 3rd.  I can't wait to showcase some fabulous winter children's clothes on the runway.  The kids are going to be FIERCE!  Thanks to all the cute kids that came out to rip the runway!  Can't wait for November 3rd!


  1. Exciting!!! I want those boots that you have and the other boots for Nadia!

  2. I love the Princess Peyton's hands goes to her lil hips at picture time!!!!!

  3. That sounds like fun to be a judge. I know baby girl will be fierce.

  4. Lol @ Peyton singing Ring around the Roses!!!! I'm sure she will be on point when the date arrives!!!! American Idol judges ain't got nothing on you ladies... Looking good; looking great!!!!


  5. How fun!?! Wish we lived in Atlanta....I am so over Houston. Maybe Georgia could do it for me??? hmm....

  6. Looks like you had fun!!! Love the boots

  7. You and Mimi have adorable daughters! I'm sure you all will do a great job on the fashion show.


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