September 14, 2012

Hey! Sh*tty Moms!

Yeah, I am talking to you!  I know I was just talking about How Sweet the Sound Celebration but I have to tell you ladies about this awesome, HIL-arious "keeping it ONE hundred" parenting book, Shtty Mom! It is now available for purchase.  If you think you are a "Perfect" mom this book is NOT for you!

I started reading this book on my flight from NYC and had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard at the Introduction!  I had to share with the people sitting around me!   These are some of my fave topics in the book:
  • How to leave the baby in the car while you dash into 7-Eleven!
  • How to leave your kids to go on a business trip
  • How to tell when your friends are pretending to like your Baby's name
  • Ten-Second Rule: Pacifier on the ground
  • What to do when your home with your Kid and you have a conference call in Ten Minutes
  • Thank You, Angry Birds! I can finally take my kids to a Restaurant!
Don't lie, you know you chuckled at the topics!  I am sure you can relate to one if not all of the ones I listed!  If you laughed at the topics wait till you read what they say! Mister even started reading it after I was telling him the stories.  

Meet the Authors!

Laurie Kilmartin
Mary Ann Zoellner

Karen Moline

I had the honor of meeting Alicia and Mary Ann in NYC while I was at BlogHer!  They told me about the book!  There is a lot of judging in the "mommy" community!  Everyone wants to put in there two cents on what you should do.  This book breaks the rules and keeps it real!  What is a Shtty Mom to me?  A mom that loves her kids and being the best Mom she can be!  Unless you think you are a perfect mom, you are going to LOVE this book!  Trust me!  This book would be a great shower gift!  You can buy the book HERE!  Also available on e-book, Barnes and Noble, BAM and Amazon!

I will share one of my Shtty Mom moments: Peyton was about 6 months, she rolled or I could have knocked her out of the bed and hit the floor!  She didn't cry but I quickly picked her up and never told anyone until now.  Are you a Shtty Mom?  Please share some of your Shtty Mom moments?

*I was not compensated for this post.  I was sent a copy of Shtty Mom for review.  Opinions are my own. 


  1. The same thing happened to me with my son. I was SO tired and my son was just starting to crawl. I had one hand on his leg and fell asleep on the bed. Next thing I heard was BAM!! My son had crawled off of our HIGH bed and landed on his back. Which means he flipped. SMH! I felt so bad. I just hugged him so tight and kissed him. He is now 7 and a genius!!!! LOL!! But seriouly. He's great.

  2. I need this book. Seems like a good read. And oh yeah I had the experience with my daughter. Thankfully she didn't cry and she was fine.

  3. OMG thats hilarious! I like the one about the friends getting pregnant too! I can SOOOOO relate!

  4. Im already on amazon looking for it...this is hilarious!!! I fell asleep with Emma in my arms when laying down on the couch, I must have really went into a deep sleep and the dog went and got my husbands attention because I was about to drop her! Good thing she was sleep and didnt realize that the dog was watching out for her more than I was! LOL!!

  5. Exactly. These chicks really need to get pregnant and stop playing! picking up my copy this weekend!

  6. OMG this sounds so funny I definitely will be picking up a copy. Thanks for sharing

  7. The book sounds hilarious and so me! I never said I was a perfect mom! Ha!

  8. I can not wait to buy this! This is sooo my kind of book!
    Both of my boys fell off the couch while I either went to the kitchen or to the bathroom. It was when I learned that they were officially mobile. :-/ And they cried. And I felt terrible. Twice. (once with each, what an idiot, ha ha.
    I cracked up about the organized sports and average kid ones.

  9. I have a long flight coming up; sounds like the perfect book to read! I love the one about organized sports; extracurricular activities for the kids eat into my me-time LOL


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