September 12, 2012

Video: Rachel Zoe on Motherhood at Lucky Fabb

Hearing Rachel Zoe, one of the top stylist in the game made going to Lucky Fabb in New York all worth it!  She is such an inspiration.  I give her even more props since she became a mother.  I love that she is so into motherhood and loves to talk about her cutie patootie son Skylar!

Here is a video of Rachel Zoe talking about motherhood and managing it all.

I am sure all you moms can relate to what she is talking about.  It was hard for me to leave Peyton for my trips to New York.  I wish I had the money to bring Peyton everywhere with me!  For now we will just hang in Atlanta!  Were you a workaholic before having a child?  Have your views changed after having a baby?

This awesome video was taken using my Verizon Galaxy S III! 


  1. Love Love Love RZ! She is a total Rockmom!!! My views have definately changed since having Mason. I'm no longer working full time and have decided to be a Full Time mommy & blogger, which is a job in itself. I'm sure you know all about it girl! LOL!!

  2. Most definitely! Having two kids and working full time is a challenge. But it has thought me to be efficient---from working out, to cleaning the house. I do things and make the best out of it. I do not take anything for granted!

  3. so jealous you were there! LOVE what she says, totally agree! xo

  4. LOVE your blog! You are one fashionable mommy! I love to hear thta there are mommies out there who do not lose focus on looking good even tho you have kids.

    LOVE RZ. She has amazing style and doesnt give up on her dreams. Her baby of course is gorg.

    GREAT blog :)

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  5. I love that you were this close to her - GAH I'm so jealous!! But happy you shared this at the same time:)

  6. I looove Rachel Zoe. I've watched her show on Bravo for years, I just love her business sense and her never give up attitude. Motherhood changes a lot, but it also gives you more drive to keep progressing!

  7. Love both of these ladies! Brandon even shouted me out in the Lucky Mag, Rachel is so fly,love them both! Glad you got to be at a Lucky Fabb event! xoxo


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