June 19, 2012

Baby Shower + Cup Cakes

A weekend ago I attended one of my bloggy friends Charee of Charelenee baby shower!

Want to talk about a HOT Mama!

Charee's fabulous style did not budge one bit even being 8 months pregnant!  Mine went down the drain after 3 months!
I think diaper cakes are super cute but when I saw these diaper cupcakes by McKenzie's Diaper Cakes.... I knew I had to get some for the hot mama to be!

I mean, how cute are these cupcakes?  If you want a cute gift to bring to a shower you have to check out Mckenzie's Diaper Cakes!

Congratulations Charee to you and your hubby for this blessing!  I think it's a girl : )

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  1. Super cute diaper cupcakes, and seriously I looked like a house that preggo she's adorable!

  2. What a cute gift idea.

    Mrs. Delightful

  3. Thank you so much Trina! I loved the diaper cupcakes. So many people couldn't believe they are made out of diapers. Such a CUTE and unique idea! They are displayed in the babies nursery on a shelf. Can't wait to have playdates with Lil Miss Peyton!! :)

  4. I love the diaper cupcakes, what a cute idea :)

  5. those are the cutest diaper cupcakes ever!!

  6. those are the cutest cupcakes ever! I have to remember them for the next time a friend is pregnant! She looks fabulous by the way!

  7. Those are hot!


  8. so cute, i got a diaper cake but il ove the cupcakes!

    Xo Megan

  9. Nice shower and cupcakes.


  10. Yep, definitely one haute lil momma to be!!!! And I love those cupcakes. hehehehe


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