December 16, 2010

Wish List

I luv fur and it seems that hollywood loves it too, but they are going the PC route with faux fur.  I guess that is because you have some fools running around throwing paint on peoples mink coats!  I would loose my mind if someone did that to me!

Anyway... Rachel Zoe was selling her line of faux furs on QVC.  Peyton wants to give this a try for the winter.  So I found one at baby Gap.

How cute is this!  Problem is that it's $40.  We have to keep in mind that is for a baby.  But I do have a coupon that is good for every Thursday in December for 40 % off.  So she may get it under the Christmas tree.

Rachel Zoe wears hers all the time.  Did you know she was preggers?  I am sure if she has a girl she will have one of these.

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