December 15, 2010

Money Aint a Thang!

Over the last few years, there has been a big push for designer jeans.  Adults are paying $100 to $300 for a pair of jeans.  Sorry but I can do it!  Don't get me wrong I have a  couple pair Sevens and Citizens but I got them on sale for $50 or less.

So what would you pay for designer baby jeans? $10, $20 or $50!  Well these cute designer baby jeans are $88 by True Religion. 

What do they do for baby?  Keep her butt from looking big? and Peyton has Larry's butt : ) Will they give her a lift? I must say they look really cute on Harlow, Nicole Richie's daughter.

I was thinking that since they have them rolled up maybe they bought them a few sizes up so she can wear them as she gets taller? That may be pretty smart...  But what if she gets all around bigger?  Then she will have a muffin top!

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