December 28, 2010

Neimans Score!

I think Peyton was all smiles heading into Neiman Marcus because she had a good feeling about what she was going to find at Neimans.  First we went to the new department that Neimans has called Cusp.  It's like a juniors dept for Neimans even though a junior still could not afford it, but it is more reasonably price then other departments. Well Mama found these...
The brand is Seychelles, they were originally $120 which is still cheap for Neimans and I got them for $50!  Did you ever think you could get out of Neimans with $50 shoes? Not including slippers.

Then we headed up to the children's department.  They had a clearance rack for baby clothes with an additional 30% off of the mark down. We found these two shirts.

I asked Peyton to pick one and she could not decide. So she ended up with both.  You know I have a weakness for babies in Burberry!  I paid $20 for each shirt, they were originally $50 and $70!  Neimans usually keeps marking them down until they bring out their spring stuff so to find deals like this or even better check on line or head to the stores.

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